The Clinton Annual Ball Committee, a volunteer community organization, is pleased to announce that the 157th Historic Clinton Annual Ball was a wonderful success.

Tickets for the 158th will be on sale in September, but your names can be put on a list now by contacting us by email

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The Clinton Annual Ball Committee’s sole purpose is to plan, organize and host the Clinton Annual Ball so as to preserve the historical value of this event for the benefit of the businesses and citizens of Clinton and to maintain its unique distinction as the oldest continuously running event of its kind in Canada.

Clinton Annual Ball
Experience the Tradition

From its start in 1868 at the Clinton Hotel, the Clinton Annual Ball showcases over 150 years of heritage. A celebration predating British Columbia's Confederation.


Journeys to the Ball once told tales of snow and determination. While the paths have evolved, the spirit of adventure and anticipation en route to the grand evening remains unchanged.


Dive into an evening of grandeur. The Ball, with its legacy of attendees in gowns from distant shores like Europe, remains a hallmark of style and refinement in Clinton's social calendar.


Held at venues like the Memorial Hall, the essence of the Ball is pure joy. Experience a night where dance, history, and community converge, creating memories to cherish.

Our History...

Since its inception on New Year’s Day in 1868, the Clinton Annual Ball has been a cherished tradition in Clinton, British Columbia. Initially hosted at the Clinton Hotel by Mary and Joseph Smith, the event quickly became an anticipated social occasion in the region. As the years went by, the Ball evolved – from week-long celebrations with attendees showcasing gowns ordered from global fashion hubs, to resilient gatherings enduring through wars and demographic shifts. Now, spanning over 150 years, the Ball continues to be a night where the community comes together to dance and celebrate its rich history.

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158th Clinton Annual Ball

Date: May 17, 2025

Location: Clinton Memorial Hall

Cocktails: 5:00 pm Clinton Annual Ball

Dinner: 6:30 pm

Dancing: Until 12 am

Music by: Vic's Dance Band

Tickets: $85 per person

For more information, call: 250-459-2759

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